less than 1 day ago (27 Jan 23 18:12)

starting to push execBot agenda as alternative to execAdmin, latter is still there


5 days ago (23 Jan 23 10:56)

for dbEntry added .ValueNum and .ValueRaw for more specific queries


1 week and 5 days ago (16 Jan 23 13:26)

Experimental standard response can now go over 2k characters, up to 25k and will get paginated. deleteResponse and addResponseReactions should work as well


6 weeks and 6 days ago (10 Dec 22 15:43)

Reddit feeds has show spoilers slider/checkbox


13 weeks and 5 days ago (23 Oct 22 23:24)

application command add remindme for messages, uses modals and sends reminder as DM if not blocked, of course all in beta : )


14 weeks and 5 days ago (16 Oct 22 17:52)

another stdcommand, this time pre-beta: MyAnimeList


14 weeks and 6 days ago (15 Oct 22 17:59)

another incoming beta, IsThereAnyDeal standard command


15 weeks and 5 days ago (09 Oct 22 19:21)

reddit feeds slightly modified, if post has more than 280 character, user icon is as embed thumbnail, 140 is author icon..... footer has subreddit icon... also embed description max length from 250 to 512


16 weeks ago (07 Oct 22 15:28)

amV2 Unicode normalization & removing confusing chars (cafés >> cafes, ℜ𝘂ᖯʏ >> Ruby) checkbox for triggers where wordlists or regex is used... also slider for regex CCs and template functions normalizeAccents, normalizeConfusables


16 weeks and 6 days ago (02 Oct 22 10:45)

BETA™ added custom command action limits notification bar. Might be wonky, still saves.


17 weeks and 2 days ago (28 Sep 22 20:27)

stdcommands: catfacts & dogfacts update, embedded with random pictures and -raw switch


17 weeks and 6 days ago (24 Sep 22 16:45)

another context-menu app command thanks works like thanks regex, giving +1 to target (beta) and rep was moved from slash commands as well


18 weeks ago (23 Sep 22 15:19)

whois slash command was changed to context-menu application command


18 weeks and 3 days ago (21 Sep 22 11:29)

template functions: getApplicationCommands, getMemberTimezone


18 weeks and 4 days ago (19 Sep 22 16:07)

custom commands: interval triggers now have start at time


20 weeks and 4 days ago (06 Sep 22 11:07)

.Member has PremiumSince


20 weeks and 5 days ago (05 Sep 22 10:46)

execCC update to Joe's chain-limiter #1336 .Guild has more fields, like PremiumTier and PremiumSubscriptionCount to show boosts


21 weeks and 5 days ago (28 Aug 22 19:17)

remindme has -time switch, help helps


22 weeks and 2 days ago (25 Aug 22 10:57)

covidstats disabled


22 weeks and 3 days ago (24 Aug 22 08:24)

CC-edit threads enabled slider, beta-testing


24 weeks ago (12 Aug 22 17:13)

Logs you can select-delete logs, not just "delete all" or "single one"


25 weeks and 2 days ago (04 Aug 22 07:58)

added stdcommand evalcc, versioned by l-zeuch


27 weeks and 3 days ago (20 Jul 22 10:46)

RSS Feeds plugin in beta


28 weeks and 4 days ago (11 Jul 22 15:52)

autorole: testing removerole


30 weeks and 2 days ago (29 Jun 22 17:00)

serverstats not collected any more for 500+ member servers, you already have Discord Insights

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