1 day ago (23 Jun 21 23:09)

had to take Reddit temporarily down, because they blame PAGST hitting rate limits - wrote to them, will see what happens - fixed now


3 days ago (21 Jun 21 15:16)

added -managed switch for listroles


1 week and 1 day ago (16 Jun 21 23:42)

AMv2 added Pedro's Send Message effect


1 week and 2 days ago (15 Jun 21 20:47)

reddit did this requested thing to temporarily disable a feed, just select none selected for channel and it should be disabled... still in beta!


1 week and 3 days ago (15 Jun 21 00:30)

listroles should now be in an acceptable format, even on mobile


1 week and 4 days ago (13 Jun 21 20:12)

the migration to new stuff Jonas created seemed to go fine, so we are on v1.27.0, had to disable some of fringe stuff, but meh, they were never used... like dbDelMultiple


3 weeks and 2 days ago (01 Jun 21 19:34)

added total warnings count per server to topwarnings by l-zeuch >


3 weeks and 6 days ago (28 May 21 18:50)

update: listroles defaults to paginated output, still in beta due to formatting issues with strange characters - it's almost impossible to make this mobile friendly though, if not landscaped view


4 weeks ago (27 May 21 15:02)

moved feedback IRC channel to


4 weeks and 3 days ago (24 May 21 12:37)

because of discordgo panic, bot was down a little.... at least it made me finally write a watchdog for PAGST and that panic thing should be fixed as well by Jonas, thnx!


4 weeks and 4 days ago (23 May 21 18:26)

if creating a new custom command your browser screen goes white, then just hit refresh and resubmit query - this is Redis indexing fault, I once did not use correct backup OR if this annoys you too much, contact me and I set Redis index higher


4 weeks and 5 days ago (23 May 21 00:21)

updated currenttime with Joe's addon >


4 weeks and 5 days ago (22 May 21 13:06)

added timestamps to YAG logs,not important to end user


6 weeks and 1 day ago (12 May 21 20:50)


6 weeks and 2 days ago (11 May 21 23:52)

dictionary based on owlDictionary API, Joe's PR


6 weeks and 3 days ago (10 May 21 15:40)

slashcommands OK I enabled them


6 weeks and 3 days ago (10 May 21 14:09)

custom commands added last saved timestamp


6 weeks and 4 days ago (09 May 21 12:34)

sendTargetDM is available but your server needs to be whitelisted, so for regular servers this is moot function


6 weeks and 5 days ago (08 May 21 14:25)

changed define format ordering, to get legacay format use -raw


6 weeks and 6 days ago (07 May 21 08:35)

ok, just because why not I hopped to v1.26.2... because it has major changes, let's see how it runs


7 weeks and 2 days ago (04 May 21 14:17)

PAG runs now on v1.25.0 also Twitter Feeds should work for all you guys...


7 weeks and 3 days ago (03 May 21 12:19)

It makes one wonder how many server could a 1GM RAM server handle, close to 100 does not kill it yet....


7 weeks and 3 days ago (03 May 21 07:16)

Montly server update/reboot was successful no data lost : ) Also, current database backup policy is one week, no need for dailies because it's a free server : )


10 weeks and 1 day ago (14 Apr 21 12:21)

clean: just for the fun of it, add -m flag to remove only messages without attachements, like -a just inverse


10 weeks and 3 days ago (12 Apr 21 18:39)

template functions: max, min both take two numbers and compare them, output is of type float64


10 weeks and 4 days ago (11 Apr 21 22:22)

Because it was highly requested, logs now show seconds on control panel.


10 weeks and 4 days ago (11 Apr 21 20:12)

People want an optional text added to feeds like YT and Twitter, maybe... I'll think about it


14 weeks ago (18 Mar 21 16:05)

for the heck of it, added .BotUser and .BotMember to get the user and member objects of the bot, professionals argue this is UX-design : )


15 weeks and 4 days ago (07 Mar 21 18:43)

just to remind myself, template functions bitwiseAnd, bitwiseOr, bitwiseXor, bitwiseClear, shiftLeft, shiftRight are available, more info >


15 weeks and 5 days ago (06 Mar 21 14:26)

forgot to install ffmpeg, that's why soundboard did not work : )

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If you stumble into any issues and need help, RTFM.

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