less than 1 day ago (15 Jan 21 20:49)

Update: stdcommand define - Urban Dictionary has pagination switch


2 days ago (13 Jan 21 12:01)

Addition: clean has -a switch, to delete only attachments >


2 days ago (13 Jan 21 09:57)

PostgreSQL needed an upgrade to v13 so there's was a little downtime, also... host is running out of disk-space : )


3 days ago (12 Jan 21 16:56)

amV2: removed UserStatus triggers


5 days ago (10 Jan 21 19:24)

Jonas changed how ce/se commands work, this change has been merged; these commands now need Manage Messages perms


1 week ago (08 Jan 21 23:02)

Just for Fun: stdcommands addition bashquote it queries database for IRC quotes (quite NSFW : )


1 week and 1 day ago (07 Jan 21 19:31)

Fixes: GiveRep/TakeRep/Rep/usernames/nicknames commands accept IDs (I actually read suggestions : )


1 week and 1 day ago (07 Jan 21 14:36)

Addition: stdcommand wolframalpha is now let's say at beta stage, be sure to read help - addendum: this thing actually needs feedback


1 week and 2 days ago (06 Jan 21 15:28)

deploying WolframAlpha takes a little time, because they don't like to JSON properly, have not dealt with XML much yet - but it's working.


1 week and 3 days ago (05 Jan 21 16:02)

Extented: adjective and noun now have 50% chance to make a API request to get antonyms/synonyms for the word selected from the hard-coded libraries


1 week and 3 days ago (05 Jan 21 08:30)

Addition: Pedro's - error channel - logging channel for errors on punishment templates >


2 weeks ago (01 Jan 21 11:46)

Happy New Year everyone! Has been a blast and thanks for the joins!


4 weeks and 5 days ago (13 Dec 20 15:45)

Addition: Pedro/Satty's Lockdown commands >


5 weeks ago (11 Dec 20 09:49)

was in discussion with WolframAlpha, they will not give free, with broader requests API key, but they allow users from same IP-source (the bot) to use separate API keys, so this feature is worth implementation


6 weeks and 1 day ago (03 Dec 20 20:20)

added Pedro's convert maps to string maps when using template function json >


6 weeks and 3 days ago (01 Dec 20 19:57)

codeMirror editor's stuff gets updated there and then, so full browser-page refresh is sometimes necessary, if something feels odd because CSS got updated


6 weeks and 5 days ago (29 Nov 20 15:52)

just for fun: catfacts makes API requests (tad slower) as well


7 weeks ago (27 Nov 20 11:55)

WIP: but this is already quite working - line numbers and highlighter in CC editor I am using CodeMirror, same thing for example GitHub is using as its editor


7 weeks and 5 days ago (22 Nov 20 18:45)

stdcommands: beta, but working exportcustomcommands for serverAdmins, exports all CCs in JSON format


7 weeks and 5 days ago (22 Nov 20 13:07)

sendTemplate kind of functions work now again, had to disable, because this was ultra critical bug


7 weeks and 5 days ago (22 Nov 20 12:45)

sendTemplate is currently disabled, Jonas is pushing a fix


8 weeks ago (20 Nov 20 11:40)

added: Satty's template functions execTemplate and addReturn >


8 weeks and 1 day ago (19 Nov 20 19:41)

update: Youtube role mention available, everyone is also still there


8 weeks and 2 days ago (18 Nov 20 21:02)

slight update: listroles can check user's roles and also has aliases


8 weeks and 2 days ago (18 Nov 20 15:18)

update: like Twitter, Reddit now has also the ability to mention a role (same thing, probably still beta)

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