5 weeks and 1 day ago (10 Apr 22 11:02)


6 weeks and 1 day ago (02 Apr 22 20:45)

templates: mathConst function taking a string argument from golang math package for v1.16


7 weeks and 3 days ago (24 Mar 22 15:07)

PAGST runs now on Discord API v10...


8 weeks and 6 days ago (15 Mar 22 12:27)

amV2: nickname regex/lists changed to Name/Nickname edit: because YAG-code had Treshold instead of Threshold, that typofix messed up some fields, setting them to 0


10 weeks ago (06 Mar 22 17:04)

Reddit is acting up, so currently disabled >

edit:restored, this GODEBUG=http2client=0 helped edit2: issue is resolved on Reddit side, no need for that GODEBUG


10 weeks and 6 days ago (01 Mar 22 00:41)

amv2 has stickers trigger


10 weeks and 6 days ago (28 Feb 22 13:07)

just for fun: stdcommand inspire


11 weeks ago (27 Feb 22 21:35)

reactions in threads should trigger CCs


14 weeks and 2 days ago (04 Feb 22 13:56)

amV2 has currently two Anti-Phish triggers, official one and my older solution which has also Google's Transparency report, so choose your poison


17 weeks and 2 days ago (14 Jan 22 21:45)

templates: trim/trimLeft/trimRight "string" "whatToTrim" ... trimSpace "string" removes unicode whitespace around the string \t\n included


17 weeks and 6 days ago (10 Jan 22 13:28)

templates: parseTime func by Joe


18 weeks and 2 days ago (08 Jan 22 12:43)

templates Pedro's reorganized role functions >


18 weeks and 2 days ago (08 Jan 22 11:14)

Role Commands drag'n'drop UI feature by Pedro


19 weeks ago (03 Jan 22 10:20)

amV2 list sorting back in business


20 weeks and 2 days ago (24 Dec 21 15:34)

amv2 message with attachments has regex for filenames


21 weeks and 2 days ago (18 Dec 21 01:24)

templates: sendMessage does not ping mentioned user any more, every ping is from sendMessageNoEscape


21 weeks and 4 days ago (15 Dec 21 22:20)

stdcommand: quack


22 weeks ago (12 Dec 21 13:25)

templates: basic trigonometric functions cos, sin, tan taking radian argument and math constants inside .MathConst


22 weeks and 1 day ago (11 Dec 21 20:41)

templates: cbrt for cube root, exp for e**x and exp2 for 2**x


22 weeks and 1 day ago (11 Dec 21 18:09)

cc database entry has field .Value.Size shows that entries value size in bytes of max 256kb


22 weeks and 3 days ago (09 Dec 21 21:17)

amv2 updates: antiFish addition with Google's Transparency Report + x Links in channels/by user


23 weeks and 2 days ago (03 Dec 21 14:04)

custom thanks regex in Fun > Reputation


26 weeks ago (15 Nov 21 01:22)

reminders will not output anything if member has left the server && CCRunCount shown as tooltip in Custom Commands + totals in widget home page


26 weeks and 6 days ago (08 Nov 21 17:08)

CC section had bigger update, category restrictions, UI shows those restrictions and other smaller things


27 weeks and 4 days ago (03 Nov 21 18:13)

amV2 update... has AntiFish-API trigger

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