less than 1 day ago (30 Oct 20 10:02)

changed interval trigger back to 1 min && doubled the CC response length


2 days ago (28 Oct 20 15:35)

actually read some suggestions and quick update for wyr & slight change for twitter


6 days ago (24 Oct 20 11:00)

Scuttlebutt tells me I am actively kicking or banning servers, not true, check the internalization levels... In general, don't believe any "but caubert told/said"-stories which only carry out of context narrative...


6 days ago (24 Oct 20 08:17)

added: Joe's setRoles


1 week ago (23 Oct 20 18:15)

experimental: duplicate custom commands


1 week and 4 days ago (19 Oct 20 11:54)

for some reason people are joining a lot... PAGST is not running on some ├╝ber-powered server (only meant for testing features), so I will joinedservers-cap this around 42 and maybe will make a system, for fun, that next join will kick someone's server randomly or just remove premiums... evil grin


1 week and 5 days ago (18 Oct 20 22:30)

fun times with testing phase: cc command reworked, has paginaton, no worries also legacy switch -raw


1 week and 5 days ago (18 Oct 20 11:46)

just for fun: shift+alt+s is quick save in CC edit and shift+alt+c creates a new one


1 week and 6 days ago (17 Oct 20 14:53)

added Pedro's reSplit, check goDocs or > {{ $x := "banana" }} {{ reSplit "a" $x 2 }} > [b nana]


2 weeks and 2 days ago (14 Oct 20 14:00)

added .Del (index) method to cslice


2 weeks and 2 days ago (14 Oct 20 10:16)

added Pedro's cslice sorting function - sort, check their PR on YAG's end for a test example + getRole function


3 weeks and 1 day ago (08 Oct 20 15:36)

heh, I actually don't know how to setup stable running Youtube (everything should be dandy on API's end, still quotaErrors) oh, and every joining server gets PREMIUM (others already are)


3 weeks and 3 days ago (06 Oct 20 07:32)

decided to import some PR code from master bot's dev branch, currently Sattys' PRs


4 weeks and 5 days ago (27 Sep 20 20:33)

hltb is almost v1.0 so I PRd it to master bot


4 weeks and 6 days ago (26 Sep 20 19:38)

Addition: Working v0.8 Howlongtobeat command, needs some logic testing and layout formatting - I want to PR this to master YAG...


5 weeks and 2 days ago (23 Sep 20 10:49)

CovidStats is finally v1.0... I'm quite happy, learned quite a few new tricks


5 weeks and 3 days ago (22 Sep 20 07:33)

Making progress on Coronastats command - final stages to get all stable


5 weeks and 5 days ago (20 Sep 20 16:29)

Addition: WIP command for COVID-19 daily statistics worldwide.


7 weeks and 3 days ago (08 Sep 20 21:40)

Replaced: "Discord broken" annoyance moved to nav-bar as exclamation mark.


7 weeks and 3 days ago (08 Sep 20 06:12)

Addition: OpenWeatherMap command, uses their API, useful if and therefor weather command is down


11 weeks and 3 days ago (11 Aug 20 19:23)

Just for fun: added random daily quote from my reddit quotes database to /manage


12 weeks ago (07 Aug 20 08:59)

Updated foxes with share buttons and max image resolution parameters


15 weeks and 5 days ago (12 Jul 20 12:02)

Ticket system bugfix


16 weeks ago (10 Jul 20 09:23)

Merged to latest updates


17 weeks and 2 days ago (01 Jul 20 14:01)

Foxes section directed to different domain, because go-webserver can't handle the load

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